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Receive the best possible Heating & Air Conditioning products and  services in your area. Trent Heat & Cool LLC, based in Jamestown, Indiana, specializes in  Heating & Air Conditioning Servicesincluding Home HVAC replacement, repair and Maintenance.

Temperature, Air Conditioning Services in Jamestown, IN
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Trent Heat & Cool LLC can provide you the peace of mind to know that your family or employees have the cleanest possible air to breathe. We ensure a Heating & Air Conditioning System you can rely on. Your air duct system circulates the air from your HVAC system throughout your home or business, so you want that air to be fresh and clean. We are here to help you stay ahead of your maintenance and repairs.

Benefits of Cleaner Air
The air conditioning duct system and the AC unit in your home or business need to receive proper maintenance every 6 months. Even if your home or business is new, or you have recently had some renovations completed, there may be construction debris located in your air duct system.

Energy Savings Agreement

Trent Heat & Cool LLC travels to you for an annual visit to tune up your Heating and Cooling equipment. For your furnace, we inspect the heat exchanger, lubricate the blower motor, and inspect all wiring. We set the gas pressure and oxygen content, as well as check the flame censors. We offer filter delivery straight to your front door.

Contact us in Jamestown, Indiana, with your estimate requestfor Heating or Air Conditioning installation or repair.

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